CBAN vendor membership

Open to those providing fee-for-service assistance to community broadband networks. This could include consultants, legal or financial advisors, engineering firms and equipment manufacturers or sellers.

Who should join: Any company or organization whose products or services can help communities improve their broadband.

Annual membership dues based on company size:

  • Single-employee companies or sole proprietorships: $300/yr.
  • 2-10 employees: $480/yr.
  • 10+ employees: $840/yr.

Partial-year dues are pro-rated.


Last updated 5/22/19

  • BDC Group, Inc.
  • Bear Communications
  • The Bill Menner Group
  • Calix
  • Crystal Clear Communications, LLC
  • A. Davidson & Co.
  • FARR Technologies
  • Fujitsu Networking Services
  • HR Green
  • ICAN, Inc.
  • Iowa Area Development Group
  • Kielkopf Advisory Services
  • NeoNova
  • Patriot Communications, LLC
  • Power & Tel
  • SmartSource Consulting
  • WIN Technology